About 1159

Our Mission

1159 South is dedicated to significantly improving the economic conditions of low-income people, housing conditions and appearance of distressed places, and sense of community in south Springfield, Ohio through targeted investments in people and places.

Our Vision

1159 South envisions a revitalized south Springfield, Ohio where seniors, families, young adults and children thrive.

We see community-based small business expansion, job creation, increased employment, and reduced poverty.

We envision a community-driven transformation of neglected places and spaces shining light on the historic beauty and family-friendly village atmosphere that are authentic to south Springfield, Ohio.

Overall Target Area — Southwest Springfield

1159 South’s Overall Target Area

Initial Target Area

1159 South is focusing its initial work on the area from W. Pleasant to W. John between S. Limestone and S. Yellow Springs St.   According to the most recent U.S. Census data, approximately 6,500 people, mostly African-American, live in this area.

For research, data, and statistical purposes, the initial target area includes:

  • Census Tract 2.0 (W. Pleasant to W. Grand)
  • Census Tract 11.01 (W. Grand to W. Parkwood)
  • Parts of Census Tract 11.02 (generally W. Parkwood to W. John St.)

The red marker above pinpoints the organization’s namesake, 1159 S. Yellow Springs St. 

We Believe in South Springfield!

  • The best part of south Springfield is its people.  We see strong positive energy and community spirit, ready to lead change.
  • The area is walkable, has historic charm, is home to several well-established churches, and has seen new businesses open recently.   
  • South Springfield is filled with high-potential spaces, including parts of the Little Miami Scenic Trail, excellent neighborhoods in some areas, and commercial zones that are ripe for renewal with businesses that serve the community's needs.
  • South Springfield has the potential to become a beautiful, vibrant district where people thrive and labels like distressed are a distant memory.
  • Join with us to make it happen!