Helping People Today

What your Gift Can Do

Together, donations of $25 – $50 can go a long way!

Gifts of $25 or $50 are powerful!  For example, fifty $25 donations can help transform a vacant lot into a vibrant community space, and fifty $50 donations would support up to four low-income, exterior improvement projects, thereby impacting a whole facing block!

$100 – $250 Donations
Help Transform Distressed Homes

Your generous gift of $100 to $250 could contribute significantly to community improvement projects including assisting low-income homeowners with necessary exterior maintenance that will help stabilize the community and spark new investments.

$500 Donations Sponsor Key
Vacant to Vibrant Projects

Your $500 donation would go a long way towards transforming a vacant lot into a vibrant, unique and useful community space.  At the $500 sponsor level, we will add an engraved plaque with your name (or your business name) at one of 1159 South’s new community spaces.

Join us in transforming places and lives!