Jobs & Small Business

In Census Tract 2.0 (generally from W. Pleasant to W. Grand), the unemployment rate is nearly double the national unemployment rate. Almost 40% of households earned less than $25,000.

The poverty rate in Census Tract 2.0 as of the last U.S. Census was 36.6% overall, 46% for children under 18 years old, 68.6% for single mothers with children under six years old, and a heartbreaking and unimaginable 75.2% for single mothers with a child both under and over six years old.

This means that many families are not earning enough to provide basic needs, such as healthy meals, for their children.

Poverty is determined by whether a person or family’s income is enough to cover basic needs, such as the ability to get nutritional meals.

It is therefore critically important to assist residents increase their income levels. 1159 South is committed to helping residents obtain living-wage jobs, thrive in their existing businesses, and start viable small businesses that serve community needs while also increasing job opportunities.

Community Navigator
Helping Businesses Grow & Thrive!

The Community Navigator Program was created to help socially and economically disadvantaged business owners in Springfield, Ohio to the resources they need to start or grow their businesses. 1159 South’s Community Navigator helps entrepreneurs in south Springfield grow and thrive by providing:

  • financial assistance and access to capital
  • contracting and procurement
  • marketing, operations, business development, and exporting
  • Industry-specific training

Small Business Development

1159 South’s small business development program showcases existing small businesses and helps future entrepreneurs move their business plans from idea to implementation.

The components of our business development program are:

Social Enterprises

1159 South will assist resident-entrepreneurs plan and establish community-based social enterprises. A social enterprise is a for-profit business whose principal purpose is to satisfy a specific social objective.

Examples of social enterprises include community-based contractors and others in the construction trade who intend to improve or create affordable homes within the community, businesses that address needs for healthy food, quality child-care, or other social needs, and other businesses whose primary purpose is to employ low-income or unemployed residents.

South Springfield Business Directory

1159 South is creating a south Springfield business directory to showcase existing businesses serving the community.

Small-Business Start-Up Checklists

1159 South is developing step-by-step small business checklists for resident-entrepreneurs to establish community-based businesses that the community wants and needs.

If you own a business in south Springfield that you would like to have included in our business directory, or if you need help starting a business in the community, let us know here.

Jobs Plan

All About Jobs

A critical part of revitalizing the area is to equip resident with support and tools to secure living-wage jobs. Jobs exist in Springfield, Ohio and surrounding areas, but many are not living-wage and the devastating effects of poverty and isolation from services create barriers to employment that require sustained, individualized help.

1159 South is in the process of developing its All About Jobs program. Key elements are expected to include culturally sensitive, individualized and neighborhood-based services; job mentors to assist with navigating barriers to employment (such as transportation, child-care, social service needs, and job skills education); a transition mentor to provide 12-month follow-up during the first year of new job skills training or employment, partnerships with existing agencies; and job-placement partnerships with major employers both in Springfield and in surrounding areas.